Paddle It Forward | 2023 Recap

Bent Paddle Brewing Company is proud to look back on 2023 and share the community contributions made through their Paddle It Forward (PIF) initiative. In 2023, Bent Paddle was able to facilitate donations of $136,439 in charitable value to local and regional non-profits. These contributions came in a variety of ways; such as, round-up donations gathered in the taproom, time spent volunteering, swag, beer tastings, donated beer, in-kind contributions, venue space, and collaborative donations through the Lincoln Park crafting community partnership with Duluth Tile & Pottery, Duluth Grill, Love Creamery and Frost River.  In 2023, Bent Paddle was able to donate $117,312 worth of beer + tasting events and in-kind contributions to local nonprofits such as Mentor North, COGGS, Memorial Blood Centers, The Humane Society of Douglas County, and Twin Ports Gymnastics to name just a few. Bent Paddle facilitates round-up fundraising in the taproom allowing those who visit to round up their check resulting in $19,127 raised for 32 local charities. While 32 charities received round-up contributions; Bent Paddle’s community contribution values are far greater.

Throughout 2023 Bent Paddle has been able to help 549 charities through the PIF initiative. In total, Bent Paddle was able to facilitate donations of $136,439 worth of charitable items and funds to a total of 549 local and regional not-for-profits. The organizations that benefit from Bent Paddle’s community support are those that are committed to conservation, human powered outdoor recreation, education, veteran services, local arts and music, and a variety of other charities that coincide with Bent Paddles commitment to charity and sustainability.

Bent Paddle’s PIF program also facilitates a volunteer aspect – referred to as VolunBEER.  One of the projects completed in 2023 focused on cleaning up a section of the Superior Hiking Trail. Another opportunity focused on packing food bags for children experiencing hunger in the northland in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank. Throughout these PIF opportunities Bent Paddle has been able to give back to the community and contribute to the local economy. 

This 2023 dollar amount will get added to the overall impact since the inception of Bent Paddle 10 years ago. Since 2013 the company has helped over 675 mostly Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin non-profits by donating over $650,000 in value.

In 2024 Bent Paddle’s Paddle It Forward initiative will continue the charitable nature of their work through additional VolunBEER opportunities, donations, taproom round-ups, donated venue space, items donated, and the crafting community partnership with local businesses in the Lincoln Park district.  As always the company encourages everyone to drink and buy local as much as possible so local businesses like Bent Paddle can keep up their far reaching community efforts for years and years to come with your support.

Paddle It Forward 2023
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