About us

In December 2010 the four brewery founders were at a charity event at a craft beer bar in Minneapolis

– based on a feeling, Laura said to Karen that “the guys should get together” and discuss their brewing futures. From there Bryon and Colin met over a few pints and discovered their shared dream of starting their own breweries. After many more discussions about vision, logistics, and brewing philosophy the partnership was born. From 2011 to early 2013 the team of four worked on the business plan, fundraising, site selection, and the build-out phase of Bent Paddle Brewing Co.® which launched publicly in May 2013. The partnership between the two couples has always felt like a natural fit as they seem to live parallel lives – marrying nine days apart in September 2008 and having their children – Liam Tonnis and Adella Mullen – born just three days apart in April 2012!

The mission of Bent Paddle Brewing Co.® is to brew craft beer with a concentration on sustainability for our business, employees, the environment and the greater community – all while “Bending the Traditions” that we encounter, for a more unique and interesting craft beer + beverage experience.


Bending Tradition® in Duluth, Minnesota since 2013

Our Founders

Co-Founder / CEO + Director of Brewing Operations

Co-Founder / President + VP of Systems & Brand Development

Co-Founder /  VP of HR & Operations

Co-Founder /  VP of Outreach & Marketing

Co-Founder / CEO + Director of Brewing Operations

Co-Founder / President + VP of Systems & Brand Development

Co-Founder /  VP of HR & Operations

Co-Founder /  VP of Outreach & Marketing

Our Brewery

Bent Paddle Brewing Co.® is a 30-barrel production craft brewery and taproom located in the beautiful northern Great Lakes port town of Duluth, Minnesota.

The brewers of Bent Paddle Brewing Co.® use the amazing water of Lake Superior to brew the freshest and most dependable craft beer and ▲9 hemp derived canna beverages possible. Lake Superior is 10% of the worlds fresh surface water and 100% of our products are made with that water. It is incredibly soft and mimics the water of Pilsen, Czech Republic, the birthplace of Pilseners. Our year-round beers, as well as specialty seasonal offerings and canna, are available in varied keg sizes as well as 12 & 16 oz. cans at bars, liquor stores, restaurants and event facilities throughout Minnesota and beyond, as well as by the glass, 25.4 oz. crowler or 64oz. growler to go in our taproom.

It is our goal at Bent Paddle Brewing Co.® to produce beers that “Bend the Tradition” of the classic style that they represent. We strive to make drinkable, balanced beers with an edge of inventiveness for all beer lovers to enjoy.  We have won over 65 awards for our business, taproom, and beers including several Great American Beer Fest medals including a Gold for 14° Amber Ale, multiple Minnesota Brewer’s Cup awards including Best In Show for our pilot beer Roasty Toasty Porter, and a World Beer Cup Bronze for Bent Hop IPA. 

One of the top 10 breweries in Minnesota by barrelage annually, Bent Paddle is now considered a “Legacy Brewery” given the rapidly changing landscape of Minnesota beer in recent years.  We are proud of our products, being 50% Women owned, our team, community building, awards, and for being one of the main catalyst business’ that rapidly advanced the revitalization of our Lincoln Park neighborhood in Duluth.

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