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General FAQ's

  • Do you have gluten free beer?

    We do not. we do have root beer on tap and kombucha.

  • Do you offer gift cards? 

    We sure do! Gift cards can be purchased both in person through the Taproom or online

  • What are your online store policies?

    You can view our online store policies here

  • Where can I find your beer?

    Check out our Beer Finder! You can search by brand, store type for brands delivered to our retail partners within the last 60 days. Be sure to check with store for current availability.

  • Can you ship beer?

    Unfortunately it is illegal for us to ship beer.

Taproom FAQ's

  • Pets / Dogs

    Unfortunately our Dept of Ag license prohibits dogs inside our Taproom unless they are certified service animals. Our patio is dog friendly as well as our outdoor plaza space.

  • What events do you have going on?

    Check out What’s Tappening here in the Taproom

  • Where can we park?

    We have a parking lot adjacent to our production facility at 1912 W Michigan St. The parking lot behind our taproom is owned and operated by the Enger Lofts and not available to our guests. Free street parking is available if our lot is full. Do not park in the Auto Zone dirt lot as you may be subject to their towing policy.

    Handicap parking? We have two dedicated handicap space located on the left had side of our building with handicap ramp access to the Taproom

    Can I park over night? While we all like a good parking lot camp site, our parking lot is used for large truck logistics the keep our Taproom and Brewery functioning.

  • Do you have food?

    We have various dry snacks available for purchase: chips and salsa, meat sticks, pretzels, nuts and popcorn.

  • Can we bring in outside food?

    Absolutely, if the food you are bringing in was produced in a commercial kitchen (Restaurant, Grocery Store and pretty much any pre-packaged food is good to go) Sadly, this means you have to leave the crockpot home, and we know how hard that is.

  • Do you take Reservations?

    We do not; however we have a very large space that can accommodate 250+ people inside and on our patio. For private rentals please contact us!

  • Can you fill non-Bent Paddle growlers?

    Yes, if it designed for beer and 64oz and it can be sealed and is labeled with an alcohol warning we can find a way to fill it. Note, there may be exceptions to this, in which case, we have glass growlers available for purchase.

  • Do you offer growler credits/deposits? 

    While we don’t offer credits for growlers as once you purchase the glass, it’s yours. We do offer a reduced rate on fills, when filling your glass growlers. We will also happily re-cycle or re-use Bent Paddle growlers that you no longer use.

  • Do you offer private rentals?

    Yes, we have a plethora of options available. Find out how we can accommodate you and your special event here

  • Do you offer gift cards? 

    We sure do! Gift cards can be purchased both in person through the Taproom or online

  • What are your online store policies?

    You can view our online store policies here

  • Is Smoking allowed?

    While we don’t allow smoking in our Taproom and grounds, we do have smoking receptacles located 20 feet from each entrance per Duluth city ordinance.


  • How will your CBD/THC products make me feel?

    Every person is different and has a different tolerance when it comes to cannabinoids depending on body type, make-up, level of use, etc. Paddle carefully into new waters with our CBD+ (2mg THC/25mg CBD) to start and then move onto our THC+ (5 mg THC/5 mg CBD) for the higher dose experience if you are new to CBD/THC products.

  • What makes your CBD/THC Sparkling waters unique?

    Our refreshing sparkling waters have no sugars or calories. The non-synthetic delta 9 THC and CBD is derived from MN grown hemp through Finnegan's Farms and processed by Twin Cities based Superior Molecular and brewed by Bent Paddle using the pristine water of Lake Superior - 100% MN sourced from farm to can!

  • What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is extracted and processed from flowers of cannabis plants such as hemp. There are many ongoing studies looking at the effects of CBD. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD is not “high-inducing” or intoxicating.

    Though our CBD Sparkling Water is in the non-alcoholic category we are only selling it to Paddlers who are age 21+ and do not recommend for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

  • What is the difference between Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD?

    Broad Spectrum CBD Extract is processed without any THC present in the final product whereas Full Spectrum CBD Extract contains trace amounts of THC in accordance with Minnesota State Statutes.

  • Is there THC in your product?

    Both our CBD+ and THC+ Sparkling Beverage lines contain THC as we use a Full Spectrum CBD hemp extract. As per State Statute we only include less than 5 mg per serving of Hemp Derived THC in those products listing it.

  • What is the difference between your THC+ and CBD+ Product Lines?

    Our THC+ product line contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD whereas our CBD+ Sparkling Water product line contains 2mg THC and 25mg CBD Hemp Extract. We plan to make a CBD Product line in the future that contains no THC.

  • Where can I buy your CBD/THC beverages?

    We offer 12 oz. cans of our CBD+ and THC+ Sparkling Waters in our Taproom for to-go or to open and consume on-site. We also distribute the 4pks of 12 oz. cans to grocery stores, convenience stores, CBD shops, and miscellaneous establishments in the broader Minnesota market - check availability near you via the Store Locator Tool above.

    You must be 21+ to purchase any CBD products.

  • Will you make a CBD/THC Beer?

    Under State and Federal Laws we are not permitted to combine CBD/THC products with Alcohol products. Our THC+ and CBD+ Sparkling Water product lines are a great "break" from beer.

  • Is your CBD/THC Water Gluten Free?

    We produce our CBD/THC Sparkling Waters in a shared facility that processes malt beverages. We cannot claim it to be gluten free so use discretion based on your sensitivity to gluten.

  • How do I become an account to sell your CBD Beverages?

    Contact us at and we will be in touch!

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