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Please Note: To Donate Beer or conduct a Beer Tasting at a ticketed event in Minnesota all brewery manufacturers like us must require the donation requester to provide proof of a 340A.404 SUBD. 10 TEMP ON-SALE LICENSE ( from the governing municipality no matter if the venue of the event already has a current liquor &/or catering license AND no matter if you are a non-profit with a year round liquor license already in place. This allows us to donate to the non-profits who can secure this type of license without providing a prohibited “Thing of Value” to a for or non-profit retail account (340A.308 PROHIBITED TRANSACTIONS (

Please read here for more information about complying so as not to put alcohol manufacturers, the venue, and your non-profit at risk of conducting an illegal tasting: 340A.418 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE TASTINGS (

Please contact the MN AGE directly to go over your event details if you do not plan to secure a Temp On-Sale License. They are there to help ensure all events are run according to statute and want to help non-profits!MN Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement | (651) 201-7500

For Duluth Specific Inquiries please contact Ian Johnson, Duluth City Clerk’s Office – 218-730-5500 ext. 2

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