Paddle It Forward with Bent Paddle!

Bent Paddle Brewing Co. is a proud member of our community and we love to help as much as we can!
*Please Note: We require a 4 week lead time for all donation requests

Silent Auction or Item Donations

Lincoln Park Growler Kit

Our most popular item for Silent Auctions or Raffles! We partner with our Lincoln Park Neighbors - The Duluth Grill Family of Restaurants ( Duluth Grill, OMC Smokehouse, Corktown Deli ) and Frost River, to put together an impactful fundraising item! Each Growler kit includes an empty glass growler with a fill certificate, Gift Card to the Duluth Grill Family of Restaurants and a Frost River Beer Accessory.

Taproom Beer Discount Cards

Taproom Beer Discount Cards are also available for multiple smaller prizes or speaker/volunteer/participant gifts, etc.

Beer Donations

While free beer is one of the easiest donations we can make, it comes with a lot of regulatory issues. In order to ensure the success of your event and our donation, we require proof of an appropriate Temporary On-Sale Liquor License. Click below for more information on what is required before we can donate beer.

Tasting Station

A branded beer tasting station with 3 oz. Logo Tasting Glasses run by one of our knowledgeable Outfitters

Beer Donation

Full Sized Beers for onsite event consumption. 

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