Do you have N/A options?

We do! We offer Canna + THC beverages as well as a variety of other N/A options like root beer, kombucha, Hop Stream, N/A beer and more. You can find a list of what we’re serving by checking out our taplist!

Where can we park?

We have a parking lot adjacent to our production facility at 1912 W Michigan St. The parking lot behind our taproom is owned and operated by the Enger Lofts and not available to our guests. Free street parking is available if our lot is full. Do not park in the Auto Zone dirt lot as […]

Can we bring in outside food?

Absolutely, if the food you are bringing in was produced in a commercial kitchen (Restaurant, Grocery Store and pretty much any pre-packaged food is good to go) Sadly, this means you have to leave the crockpot home, and we know how hard that is. Check out a list of some of our favorite food delivery […]

Do you take reservations?

We do not take reservations; however, we do book private rentals. If you’re concerned about space please know we have a very large space that can accommodate 250+ people inside and on our patio. For private rentals please contact us!

Do you have gluten free beer?

We do not make gluten free beer because… well, it’s complicated; however, we do have a variety of gluten free options like Hop Stream, our Canna + THC beverages, kombucha, and sodas.

Can you fill non-Bent Paddle growlers?

Yes, if it designed for beer and 64oz and it can be sealed and is labeled with an alcohol warning we can find a way to fill it. Note, there may be exceptions to this, in which case, we have glass growlers available for purchase.

Do you offer growler credits/deposits? 

While we don’t offer credits for growlers as once you purchase the glass, it’s yours. We do offer a reduced rate on fills, when filling your glass growlers. We will also happily re-cycle or re-use Bent Paddle growlers that you no longer use.

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