Citra Bump Bent Hop

Hop Remix Adventure Pack #7 “Citra Bump” Bent Hop was born in our cask program and is one of the go-to casks we make with our flagship IPA. The addition of Citra hops brings refreshingly bright citrus and floral aromas to the traditional dry-hop bill of Bent Hop.

Double Dry Hopped Bent Hop

Hop Remix Adventure Pack #7 “Double Dry Hopped” Bent Hop consists of reducing the initial dry hop of the standard El Dorado/Centennial/Glacier mix with a secondary dry-hop of Strata and Citra hops to bring forth dank notes of passionfruit and bright citrus flavors.

Slightly Angled Bent Hop

Hop Remix Adventure Pack #7 “Slightly Angled” Bent Hop was born from our desire to experiment with the Bent Hop profile. We use Citra and Cashmere in the dry-hopping phase, giving it intense citrus and floral hop flavors upfront. It finishes with a smooth, tropical melon/pineapple flavor.

Tropical Hop

Tropic North Adventure Pack #8 “Tropical Hop” introduces tropical-oriented hops Vic Secret, Galaxy and Citra to our classic Bent Hop recipe. Orange Zest highlights the natural tropical flavors of the hops while still giving space for the Bent Hop to shine.

Passion Fruit Pilsener

Tropic North Adventure Pack #8 “Passion Fruit Pilsener” brings a splash of the tropics to our Venture Pils. The unique taste of passion fruit lends a complimentary tart fruit presence to our year-round pilsner and adds emphasis to the crispness of our lager.


Prost! Adventure Pack #9 In homage to the great beer fests of Germany, we have created our own “Festbier” to celebrate! Brewed in the traditional style, we use appropriate regional malts and German noble hops to create a low to moderate hop profile with a supporting malt backbone that features a caramel breadiness and rocky […]

Hefty Hefe

Prost! Adventure Pack #9 Hefty Hefe is a yeast expressive Hefeweizen with banana, clove, pink peppercorn, and allspice notes. In German, “hefe” refers to the distinct yeast strain which remains in suspension, giving the beer its cloudy appearance, and “weizen” denotes the use of wheat. Our Hefty Hefe showcases this traditional style with delicious and […]


Prost! Adventure Pack #9 Our Dunkel Munich-Style Lager channels the dark lagers of Bavaria. The word “dunkel” is German for “dark,” and this dark lager style offers malt-forward notes of bread/toast, caramel, and dark fruit. Traditional German malts and hops create a balanced Munich-Style lager, leaving you wanting another sip. Prost!