What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is extracted and processed from flowers of cannabis plants such as hemp. There are many ongoing studies looking at the effects of CBD. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD is not “high-inducing” or intoxicating. Though our CBD Sparkling Water is in the non-alcoholic category we are only […]

Is there THC in your product?

Both our CBD+ and THC+ Sparkling Beverage lines contain THC as we use a Full Spectrum CBD hemp extract. As per State Statute we only include less than 5 mg per serving of Hemp Derived THC in those products listing it.

Where can I buy your CBD/THC beverages?

We offer 12 oz. cans of our CBD+ and THC+ Sparkling Waters in our Taproom for to-go or to open and consume on-site. We also distribute the 4pks of 12 oz. cans to grocery stores, convenience stores, CBD shops, and miscellaneous establishments in the broader Minnesota market – check availability near you via the Store […]

Will you make a CBD/THC Beer?

Under State and Federal Laws we are not permitted to combine CBD/THC products with Alcohol products. Our THC+ and CBD+ Sparkling Water product lines are a great “break” from beer.

Is your CBD/THC Water Gluten Free?

We produce our CBD/THC Sparkling Waters in a shared facility that processes malt beverages. We cannot claim it to be gluten free so use discretion based on your sensitivity to gluten.