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Coming out of a pandemic into high inflation has been tough on everyone, especially local small business owners. Bent Paddle is committed to keeping our beers as affordable as possible so we are shouldering these cost increases directly. Still, in the face of double-digit percent price increases on malt and cans, as well as other operating expense increases, we are facing a hard time in the craft beer business. This situation is not unique to us, but we are sharing our struggle to highlight our industry-specific pressures and promote the support of local craft brewing in general to our long-term Paddler fans as well as to Minnesotan’s in general.

Beer sales are down across the board nationwide, and there are a lot of national brands flooding our craft beer supportive market. Today we are asking that you support the beverage makers that support their local communities when there is a beverage choice to be made at the Liquor Store or at the Tap. We are proud of our commitment to community as highlighted on our Community Page. Paddling It Forward is a huge part of our secret recipe! But in order to keep padding it forward years into the future we need your support now more than ever before.

So the single best way to support all your friends and neighbors at this time is to be loud and proud about buying LOCAL – local gifts, books, food, services…..and especially delicious, fresh local craft beer.

We are committed to community and we could not do this without your ongoing support. Cheers to a bright future together Paddlers!


Love & Cheers,

Colin, Laura, Bryon, and Karen

The Bent Paddle Co-Founders

Bent Paddle Brewing Co-Founders in front of cabin
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