Bent Paddle Continues to Lead the Way Throughout Minnesota with HIGHest-Quality Hemp Derived ▲9 THC Beverages + Lounges

With continued changes, innovations, and expansions into the ∆9 THC sector, Bent Paddle is proud to announce an all new Bent Paddle Canna website ( dedicated to all things, well… cannabis! Those intrigued by the recent changes and availability of THC products can take a look at common canna questions about potency, the legal difference between hemp and marijuana, and where to buy Bent Paddle THC products. In addition, website visitors age 21+ are able to see what cool new THC products are being offered, order their favorite products online right to their doorstep, and find out what events are taking place in the Bent Paddle Cann-A-Lounge! 

That’s not all that Bent Paddle Brewing Co.’s “canna” division has been working on. Bent Paddle is thrilled to introduce Hightened Enhanced Mocktails – your go-to for THC-infused elevated mocktails. These delicious sparkling beverages blend 10mg of ∆9 hemp-based THC with delightful and familiar mocktail flavors creating a refreshing, non-alcoholic social alternative. Flavors are derived from classic favorites like Mary Janes Mule, an enhance Moscow Mule, Palomarita, a fun twist on a Paloma + a Margarita. Hightened Enhanced Mocktails offer a range of flavors perfect for enjoying social moments with friends or unwinding after a long day – all without alcohol. Hightened will be available for purchase in select stores, bars, restaurants throughout Minnesota starting this month and is available in the brewery’s taproom and Cann-A-Lounge now!

The fun doesn’t stop there! Bent Paddle is also excited to showcase “Puff – Cloudberry” a delightful Δ9 THC-infused zero calorie sparkling water that combines the flavors exotic of dragon fruit and cloudberry providing users with a stratospheric journey of sophisticated serenity and relaxation with each sip. Each beverage in the “Puff” series contains 10mg Δ9 hemp-based THC, ensuring a consistent and elevated experience. Puff also comes in a dragon fruit + pineapple flavor to tantalize your taste buds and provide a refreshing and discreet way to unwind. Whether aiming for a calming evening or a social boost, Puff will elevate your beverage experience. Every sip is a moment of tranquil taste and cloud-like calm. Available in the taproom, Cann-A-Lounge, and in the market!

All in all, Bent Paddle Brewing Co. currently has 3 lines of THC beverages – THC+, Puff, and now Hightened in addition to a line of 5mg THC gummies in 3 different flavors.  Each line is differentiated by flavor, look, and THC amounts. The THC+ line and the THC+ gummies both include doses of CBD along with 5mg of ∆9 THC. Both Hightened, and Puff do not include any CBD and boast 10mg of ∆9 hemp-based THC. The biggest difference between Puff, and Hightened is flavor. Puff is a flavored sparkling water; whereas, Hightened expresses punchy mocktail flavors with a touch of sweetness. 

Bent Paddle Brewing Co. was one of the first companies in Minnesota to start producing a hemp-derived CBD beverages for their Duluth taproom in late 2020. In July 2022, after the Minnesota Legislature passed the law allowing consumers age 21+ to purchase products containing hemp-derived THC, Bent Paddle enhanced their lineup by adding THC to sparkling beverages and, shortly after that, gummies. Initially, products were sold directly to consumers in the taproom and online. Products are now distributed to businesses statewide, including our 21+ Cann-A-Lounge + Market, which opened in February 2023. 

Fans can find their favorite beverages in the Cann-A-Lounge, taproom, online delivery for edibles (and soon, beverages), in the market, and at bars and restaurants. The new Bent Paddle Canna website features a “Where to Buy” section which can aid users in finding a retail location near them. Bent Paddle’s Canna Products are at Minnesota grocery, liquor stores, co-ops, and canna retailers statewide – or in person at the Duluth taproom and Cann-A-Lounge + Market! Bent Paddle is excited for everyone to check out the new website and try some of the new flavors, and experience some alternative fun!

Mary Janes Mule and Canna Palomarita Cans
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