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We’ve partnered with our bluegrass lovin’ friends from Winona, MN to promote Boats & Bluegrass at Festiversary! Boats & Bluegrass is a family friendly music festival with camping held in Winona on the Mississippi River September 26-29, 2019.

Master of Ceremonies Ben Quam + The Take It With You Cast

Various cast members will MC on the Festiverary Stages

In addition to Bent Paddle’s own Ben Quam as the Master of Ceremonies, various cast members of Take It With you will appear on the Festiversary Stages.

Set in a watering hole on the shores of Lake Superior this live radio play and podcast follows Blake Thomas and a colorful group of his multi-talented pals, patrons & employees as they stumble through each new 60-minute adventure, filled with original music, laughs, sound effects, conversation & beer swilling! Advice from local leaders, authors, experts, and business owners, plus performances from regional guest artists, round out every show captured in front of a live audience at The Teatro at Zeitgeist Arts in Duluth, Minnesota (and now coming to a city near you)!




Main Stage 2 – 2:45 pm

Wood Blind features the combo of Duluth mainstay and guitarist Jason Wussow and Los Angeles studio/ touring bass player Veikko Lepisto. Wussow’s credits include the bands Flux Skapacitor, No Room to Pogo, Yeltzi, Fuzzy Ellis and ownership of all-ages music venue Beaner’s Central. Lepisto has worked with Mike Ness of Social Distortion, Royal Crown Revue and Bette Midler while on the West Coast. Teamed together they make acoustic ska à la 1960s’ Jamaica and 70s’ England. Their sets include traditional reggae, ska versions of classic rock and R&B hits, and original rocksteady numbers.


Superior Siren

Boats & Bluegrass Stage 2:45 – 3:15 pm

Eerie Folk from the shores of Lake Superior, Superior Siren released the debut, full-length, self-titled album on January 12th, 2018. The collection of songs, written by Laura Sellner, portrays the waves of raw emotion and alluring intensity that lives within the music. The album features four songs previously released on the solo Superior Siren EP ‘Lotus in the Muck.’ Those tracks have since grown in captivation with the addition of cellist Rachel Gobin, bassist Nyssa Krause, and drummer Emma Deaner. The remaining six songs of new material complete the album with swells of enchanting melodies and moods of ominous storms. The album will intrigue listeners with dream-like serenades and eerie echoes of doom.


Fearless Moral Inventory

Main Stage 3:15 - 4 pm

We came, we saw, we kicked some a**.

Featuring Bent Paddle Brewing Co. beertender Andrew Stern.


Gaelynn Lea

Boats and Bluegrass Stage 4 – 4:30 pm

On March 3, 2016, Gaelynn Lea was named the winner of NPR Music’s second-ever Tiny Desk Contest. The video entry of her original song “Someday We’ll Linger in the Sun” rose to the top of over 6,100 submissions from around the nation, chosen as the unanimous favorite among the contest’s six judges. The very next week, Gaelynn performed a moving Tiny Desk Concert, at which the show’s host Bob Boilen said “there was hardly a dry eye.”

Gaelynn Lea’s musical reach has expanded significantly because of the Tiny Desk Contest. She began touring nationally in September 2016 with her husband Paul in their 2002 Ford Econline – and they’ve been on the road ever since! View her tour schedule here.

Gaelynn also does speaking engagements about disability, finding inner freedom, and the power of music. Gaelynn has a congenital disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bones Disease. In recent years, she has used her music as a platform to advocate for people with disabilities and to promote positive social change.


Glen’s Neighbor

Main Stage 3:30 - 4:15 pm

A group of friends collectively over 15 years forms the group Glen’s Neighbor, which has developed a tenacious web of musical influence and acquaintance. Glen’s Neighbor gained quick renown behind the surprise critical success of their 2015 debut Behind the Door.

Described by the Duluth News-Tribune as a “…self-assured, warm collection of music by a band that seems to be poised to start collecting rabid fans of bluegrass, country and pop music.” They’ve developed the creative comfort to take as much pride in tender silences needed for acoustic ballads as they do in the chaotic volume needed for breakneck rockabilly/funk/psychedelic jams. The group displays many strings, beats, and perfectly timed starts and stops. They look for what they can add, equally to what they can leave out. The members work to arrange simple and soulful original songs brought to the table by any given member to create a symbiotic sound that is subject to change at any moment. Loose, yet earnest; humble, yet artistically nascent, these dark horses are a collection of tight knit friends excited for what they can offer one another individually, to enjoy the sounds as a whole.



Group Toast to The City with Mayor Larson + other officials, the Take It With You MCs & the Bent Paddle Crew!

Main Stage 5 pm


Boats and Bluegrass Stage 5:15/30 – 5:45(ish)

Erik Berry (Trampled By Turtles) is going back on the road with his new project LazyLightning420. Partnering with Duluth-based singer-songwriter Marc Gartman (Two Many Banjos, Glitteratti), Erik is exploring the songs and sounds of the Grateful Dead.

Rather than simply performing their favorite Dead tunes, Gartman and Berry are performing entire Grateful Dead concerts, drawing the set list from the records kept at Archive.org. "This way we play the whole vibe of the show," says Gartman. "I wouldn't choose to open a set with 'Hell in a Bucket,' but Bobby did, and that dictates everything we do after that."

Berry concurs, "For our first show we learned 'El Paso.' Not my favorite tune to listen to but it definitely puts us into the space of the set. We also tackle drums and space, which is outside our ordinary musical styles."



Main Stage 6 – 6:45 pm

Established in late 2011, the Burbillies are a 7-piece bluegrass tribute to 80’s hair metal.  That’s right, they have a traditional bluegrass lineup and play all of your favorite butt-rock hits from the 1980’s.  Beneath their big hair, bitching clothes, and bad attitudes lies a group of rippin’ flat pickers who are never afraid to take it to the next level.  Their high-energy compositions are performed with just the right amount of Minnesota twang, creating a genre all-their-own called “Ass Grass.


Kind Country

Boats and Bluegrass Stage 6:45 - 7:15 pm

Kind music for kind people. Kind Country is a Minneapolis based band that plays American standards as well as their own brand of Cosmic American music. Since their formation in 2012, the band has focused on creating live performances with high levels of improvisation and energy gathering with a goal of creating a moment of musical bliss that can be shared by audience members and band alike.

Kind Country released their debut self titled album “Kind Country” in the fall of 2013. Since then they have been bringing their music on the road playing live performances at theaters, bars, auditoriums, festivals, and everywhere in between all throughout the United States. The band released their second independently released full length album, Hwy 7,  in the fall of 2015. Produced by Ryan Young of Trampled by Turtles, Hwy 7, thrust the band further into a regional spotlight. The guys quickly followed up with a 5 track studio EP, Mountains, which was released in the spring of 2017. The band has no plans of stopping and will be releasing new material on a regular basis for the foreseeable future.

"Snagging the last spot and rounding out our not-very-extensive list is Kind Country, the Minneapolis-based jamgrass band forged in 2012. Originally started as a four-piece string band, the band expanded into six-member ensemble featuring Mitch Johnson (guitar), Brandon Johnson (guitar), Max Graham (mandolin), Joe Sheehan (bass), Chris Forsberg (violin), and Chris Wittrock (drums). These guys have some thing special going on, with the addition of drums allowing the group to go deeper in exploring how bluegrass can morph and intersect with other genres and giving them the freedom to create a sound that is truly their own. However, they still stay true to their string-band origins and bluegrass roots, with their energetic playing and the talent among the six players more-or-less guaranteeing a foot-stompin’ good time."- Ming Lee Newcomb, Live for Live Music. From article Five Up and Coming Bluegrass Bands Poised to Take Over the Scene.


Big Wave Dave and the Ripples

Main Stage 7:15 - 8 pm

Formed in February 2011, the band has since evolved and adapted into its current state. Though some of the players may have shifted, the goal and message of the band remains constant: Play the music they love and get people on the dance floor.

The band performs live throughout the Twin Ports area and branching into the Cites. The originals and homages to the current and past greats provide the vibrations to get people smiling and moving their feet as the eight-piece horn band plays soul/funk/rock/blues for the masses.

They are often graced with the presence of many talented people in the Twin Ports area like Randy Lee, Sarah Krueger, Nate Case, Jeff Peabody, Greg Moore, Matt Mobley amongst others. Some even more fun surprised guests were Eric Bloom from Soul Live and Lettuce. Heck, Comedian Ron White has even shown up and kicked it with the band! They continue to perform private, public, and downright fun shows in and around the upper midwest.




Then make your way over to the official Festiversary CrAFTER Party at Lincoln Parks’ The Caddy Shack!

8 pm Till Late

Featuring Feeding Leroy & Black River Revue!