Committed to Cold

We're from we like it Cold!

At Bent Paddle Brewing Co.® our beer is made from the pristine, cold water of Lake Superior and the highest quality brewing ingredients. We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our un-pasteurized craft beer. Un-pasteurized beer should always be kept cold because we want every person who drinks a Bent Paddle to experience the beer the way it deserves to be presented. We require temperature control of our cans along our entire supply chain. Once our can, bottles, and kegs are put into packaging at the brewery we make sure that our beer is kept cold through distribution and on the cooler shelves or tap coolers of our retail partners.

So always look for Bent Paddle cans in your favorite coolers - and drop us a line if you see it un-refrigerated. Finally, when you take Bent Paddle beer home with you, we hope you find a cold spot for it as well before enjoying. We are Committed to Cold - its whats best for the beer, and that means its whats best for us all!