Specialty Beers

  • This robust version of our black ale features a smooth, chocolatey, semi-roasted malt profile that sweetly balances out the doubled strength. Notes of oak and whiskey from an extended aging period in Bourbon barrels creates a welcoming warmth. This iteration of our Double Black Ale features a "Double Shot" of both Cold-Press coffee and whole bean Vanilla for an extra level of flavor complexity and is the perfect companion for a late night viewing of the Northern Lights ... or can accompany any natural wonder you may come across. Release Week: November 12, 2018 

    ABV: 11.2%
    IBU: 52
    Malts: 2-Row, Pale, Carafa III, Dark + Light Crystal, Flaked Oats, Golden Naked Oats, Dark Belgian Candi Sugar
    Hops: CTZ, Glacier
    Availability: Specialty
    From: Release: November 12, 2018
    Packaging:750mL Bottles + Limited Draft
  • We love to dress to impress...Mother Nature! & a button up flannel is about as fancy as the wilderness needs us to be! We brewed an American kettle sour, in the Berliner-Weiss style, to pair with the fresh flavors of the Raspberry harvest. Low in alcohol with a refreshing yet buttoned-up tartness, our Raspberry American Sour will take you along on its own adventure! Get ‘yer “Tuxedo” on and get out and pick some berries!

    ABV: 4.4%
    IBU: 5
    Malts: 2-ROW, WHEAT
    Hops: JARRYLO
    Availability: Year-Round
    From: Sept + October 2018
    Packaging:Draft + 12oz Cans
  • Trampled

    Calling all Wild Animals & Winners. We just brewed a beer you won’t have to Wait So Long for, thanks to our friends who say Life is Good on the Open Road while driving at Midnight on the Interstate. This beer might have you Drinkin In the Mornin, but don’t worry, winter ain’t coming soon. So don’t Learn The Hard Way and miss out, grab your friends! You know the ones, that School Bus Driver, your Brother who works for the CIA (but he aint doin time), Lucy, and all the regulars down at Kelly’s Bar and meet us at Bayfront on July 7th for Bent Paddle’s Newest Beer: Trampled - an American Golden Ale
    - -
    P.S. if you want to try it first, Grandma’s Sports Garden is having a Trampled Beer Release Party Thursday, July 5th - doors at 7, and then it will be on tap in our taproom starting July 6th!

    ABV: 4.6%
    IBU: 26
    Malts: 2-Row, Carafoam, Acidulated
    Hops: El Dorado, Rakau, Citra
    Availability: Specialty
    From: June - Aug 2018